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9 chemical-free children clothing brands, better for your kids.

According to the Guardian, 'potentially toxic chemicals are ubiquitous in the textile industry and children may be most at risk.' You can read more about the health effects of wearing fast fashion in this article from the Impakter.
Meanwhile, here are some sustainable children clothing brands which don't harm children or the environment.
little cute blonde girl in pink dress on a tree
Unicorn Magic anyone? What about basics? Either way, they cover both ends of the spectrum.
Get your little ones looking stylish on wintery adventures and rainy days.
three beautiful little girls outside in winter snow jackets
Matching onesies for the whole family? Maybe your husband annoyed you.
The safest non-toxic clothes and toys for a baby.
These could your kid's favourite themed outfits. Plus, these velour play dresses in gorgeous colors or the smart check-patterned ones! 
cute little blonde girl with furry winter coat
(Photo by Nicole de Khors)
Cute floral baby patterns and natural motifs as well as  more plain and simple designs.
A top sustainable fashion brand's children's section.
Get them looking like little members of royalty. Shop by a child's age range. For children from 0 months to 12 years old.
Cute little patterns.
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