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The most stylish and influential sustainable fashion bloggers Part 1 - Tolly Dolly Posh


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Tolly (or Tolmeia) inspires people to embrace their true original selves and express them confidently. Her passion is also to point the fashion industry and consumers into a more sustainable and ethical direction. Her work has been noted by The Telegraph, Dazed, i-D, BBC Radio 4 and more.

She speaks the truth and strives to achieve real change rather than merely motivating her readers to change their habits. Sure, it is better if all of us from the sustainable fashion 'clicktivism', as Tolly cleverly names it, community make sustainable choices only but, if we have to be honest, is that at all going to be enough? As Tolly wrote in her recent blog post:

'If 100 companies have been named as the source of more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions by the Carbon Disclosure Project – most of which are companies leading the oil and coal industries -, then surely it’s time to focus our efforts on bringing them down than pointing a finger at people who aren’t turning down single-use straws or buying a new pair of pyjamas from Primark?'

Her statement is harshly true and inspiring at the same time. The question of what we can actually do is a good one. So she asks it; 'What issues – within the realm of ethical and sustainable fashion – are the ones you believe we could really help to solve?'

sustainable fashion blogger style

Our answer is informed by this article by Luna Atamian Hahn-Petresen for Business of Fashion. She states that 'Product availability and lack of clear marketing seem to be the main issues.' According to her 'Sixty six percent of global millennials are willing to spend more on brands that are sustainable[...]' and 'Sustainability will be the next major battlefield where brands will compete for millennial spend.' So, in terms of demand for sustainable fashion, the future looks brighter. What is lacking is 'ease of purchase, price and value. For 95 percent of millennials, these are the key drivers for making purchases [...]'. 

Therefore, what we could do as a community which is able to reach these environmentally concerned millennials (and Gen Zs) is focus on marketing sustainable fashion to them in a clear and creative way which will let them see the value of the products and make their purchase easy. This doesn't mean to convince them to buy as much sustainable fashion as possible so that money can be made. This is not the point and we are not fast fashion. But this doesn't mean that inspiration can't be taken from the ways in which huge fashion brands market their products. As this article from CNN style goes, 

'An image can be stronger than an army': The fashion ads that shook society

So, our suggestion is "how about getting creative together to captivate as many people as we can in order to support the brands that we want to see taking over the high-street sooner?" 

An example; this is a lovely campaign featuring beloved Emma Watson for People Tree. But, unfortunately, the new autumn collection H&M campaign or the ERDEM X H&M campaign or the Zara woman Fall Winter 2018 campaign are more likely to make you want to have their garments. What about the Gucci Spring Summer 2016 campaign? It's simply amazing. It's quite hard to find anything as good as these done for a sustainable fashion brand. Surely there are many talented people among us and creativity doesn't necessarily require a load of money. What do you think about this?


Tolly's style is definite motivation to buy good clothes. Here are some of Tolly's greatest looks.

sustainable fashion blogger style 

g star raw denim sustainable style blogger

sustainable fashion style inspiration

sustainable fashion blogger style


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What is your answer to Tolly's question? What can we actually do to really slow down fashion?

She is keen to find out so let her know here:

Twitter: TollyDollyPosh

Instagram: @tollydollyposh



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