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Florence Ankle Mid Rise Skinny / Malta

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  • 91% COTTON, 7.5% POLYESTER, 1.5% LYCRA

About the Brand

DL1961 has environmental awareness and sustainability as it's main feature. The brand achieves this by using:

  • Innovative, energy efficient fibers from the US and natural indigo dyes derived from plants.
  • Solar powered facilities and an in-house power generation plant.
  • Their Environmental Impact Measurement software by Jeanologia which monitors every piece of denim they make, tracking it's water consumption and dye usage.
  • An on-site water recycling plant which allows them to use impressively small amounts of water in the production of garments. An usual pair of jeans uses 1500 gallons of water to be made. Theirs use 10 gallons, 98% of which get treated and recycled.