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Sheep Wool House Shoes

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Handmade in Chile

Slippers 100% hand made by artisan women in Patagonia using only natural sheep wool and up-cycled salmon leather. With use, they will conform to the shape of the wearer’s own foot.

This award winning design combines elements of craft, technology, and sustainability all in one appealing and cozy product. Local wool from free range Patagonian sheep for the uppers and natural salmon skin leather (an upcycled byproduct of the commercial fishing industry) for the soles are the only materials used. Each pair is geo-tagged with a QR code that leads to the geographical and production details of the individuals that hand-crafted each unique piece.

Size & Fit
Small: Men's 5.5 - 6 / Women's 5 - 7.5
Medium: Men's 6 - 8.5 / Women's 7.5 - 10
Large: Men's 8.5 - 12 / Women's 10 - 14

About the Brand
With your purchase of Chilote's award winning sustainable wool slippers, you directly empower artisan women to sustain their culture and community doing what they know and love – knitting. Support women living in vulnerable situations in rural Patagonia and empower artisans to generate an ethical income from home. You can enable a measurable positive impact to all the women who participate. Chilote helps them sustain their craft and way of life, providing an ethical means of income.